How can i write a letter to hillary clinton

In close states, she probably could have requested recounts. Thank you for — albeit unknowingly — naming your book so perfectly for me. Clinton was named the first female partner in the Rose Law Firm. Thirteen years ago in Beijing, you spoke eloquently about the duty of all governments to respect the fundamental human rights of women and men.

Hillary Clinton

They are from the heart and sincere. My brother John, who served in Viet Nam and also died young, at age And I am not alone. It's a memory I will treasure always, and you gave it to me.

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Like a flu shot, conceding hurt while preventing more devastating pain and suffering. Suppression of dissent removes internal checks against environmental damage that has global impact. I was a new mother when you moved into the White House.

Clinton met with Alinsky several times in while writing a Wellesley college thesis about his theory of community organizing. Years ago, George Lakoff compared Republicans to a critical father and Democrats to a nurturing mother. But the advancement of human rights in, and with, China is arguably more central to US interests than ever before.

She was known as the only former First Lady to become a member of the Cabinet. On Tuesday, the Reinards said they met with Attinger at the school with district officials. Suppression of dissent removes internal checks against environmental damage that has global impact. But if anything I'm saying rings any kind of true at all, then I hope you'll start saying so.

I hope you know you were on the right side of history every step of the way, and I will follow in your footsteps as closely as I can. I was taught to be so proud of being a woman by the people in my life - by you - that I forgot proud women can be viewed as a threat for nothing more than their strength.

I want to dwell on what I gained from getting to know you as a representative of what I stand for and who I want to be. Tibetans and Uighurs continue to suffer indiscriminate crackdowns on their rights, typically on the grounds that their peaceful calls for genuine autonomy are in fact a cover for "separatist activity.

Corporate Democrats might have gained some power for the party, but at the cost of its soul. The government's control of mass media and the internet allow it to stoke nationalist anger against the United States in moments of crisis.

You should urge Beijing to alter this policy, and put in place mechanisms whereby alleged incidents of torture are consistently and impartially investigated and evidence procured through torture excluded.

But none of that is enough to get my vote, or the vote of a lot of people I know. It would seem there is a lack of parenting going on at home, but I digress. September 21. Contact requests can also be made through her mailing address: Hillary Rodham Clinton, Post Office BoxNew York, NJ Hilary Clinton is a woman of many talents in the political arena with a rich history, which includes running as the potentially first woman President of the United States in An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton — or Not NPR Senior News Analyst Daniel Schorr describes a letter of advice he would write to Hillary Clinton — if he was going to write a letter to her.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton US Department of State C Street NW Washington, DC VIA FACSIMILE Dear Secretary Clinton, As you prepare to make your first trip to the People's.

AfterMath and an Open Thank You Letter to Hillary Clinton: Write Your Own Thank You Thoughts HERE! November 10, I believe it is still true. There is more to come from Hillary Clinton, and we can’t wait to see what it is.

We are all very lucky. Here is a letter from us to our Hillary. To: Hillary Clinton - We Need A Miracle I am hoping and praying that this corrupt administration will be declared totally null and void and that you will become president.

An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

An Open Letter To Hillary Clinton: You Don’t Speak For Me. but “hypocrite” is one of the only words I can find to best describe you. Today, I find myself writing this letter to you not as a Republican, or a conservative, but as an American woman.

Sit back, put down that precious Blackberry of yours, and listen because I have a few.

How can i write a letter to hillary clinton
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Letter to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton | Human Rights Watch